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Track Owner/Promoter Safety


  • Standardize Track Guidelines

  • Caution Flagger Instruction

  • Enter / Exit / Directional Signs


Caution Flagger Instruction


  • Caution Flagger Guidelines

  • Instructional Video

  • Instructional Manual With Quiz


Parent / Rider Safety


  • Safety Notes

  • Understanding The Flag System

  • 15 Reasons People Get Hurt


Safety Lights

“The Future Of Motocross Safety”

*Remotely operated

*Wireless: setup anywhere on track

*LED yellow flashing lights

*Clearly visible day & night


Clearly visible day and night to warn oncoming riders

Who We Are

We are a Foundation that is passionate about motocross brought together by tragedy. We believe motocross is the best sport on the planet and no sport brings family together more than motocross. We bring motocross safety to the forefront. It’s a void in our sport that needs to be filled.


What We Do

We provide motocross safety material for track owners/promoters, caution flaggers, riders, and parents. We also send our safety ambassador, Ricky Rickords to national and local events to assist with all safety needs.

He organizes and leads on-sight safety meetings with caution flaggers and riders. When our Safety Ambassador is on-sight, he will setup and operate our fleet of Safety Lights. We provide everything listed above at no cost to track owners and promoters.

Why We Do It

Because there’s a huge need for safety in our sport. We wanted to turn a tragedy into a positive movement. That movement is to bring motocross safety to the forefront. Yes, motocross is inherently dangerous but as a community we can do better.

Motocross is a family sport and as a family, we believe we can make a difference together. We do not want a third party coming into our sport with legislation that forces change. It is our hope we can change organically and we want to lead that change.


“Thank you for your great service to motocross”
Patrick Colleary
“Ricky Rickords with Brett Downey Safety Foundation is one top notch guy. I have used their Flagger instruction format to train my flaggers for 5-6 years. Myself and 2 Chix and a flag crew are honored to have met and flagged under him this weekend. He knows his stuff and treats the flaggers well and with respect. Even got out on the track to help relieve flaggers. Then showed his appreciation by giving them medals, wrist bands and t-shirts.”
Tria Machmer Cotton
“Thank you for being there! I appreciate your efforts to keep our racers safe!”
Kevin Reno
“Thank you guys for all you do”
Dan Crower
“As a mother of @jaredlucero62 racing there at lorettas I feel so blessed to know you will be there for him since I can’t be. God bless your foundation.”
“Thanks for coming out and making sure all our riders were safe my son loves the lights makes it easier to be aware of upcoming crashes.”
Timothy Ybarra
“Great idea guys! Years ago and crashed off a step down and broke both arms. No flagger, it was open practice. I almost got landed on 3-4 times. With these that will NEVER happen again! GREAT WORK!!”
“BDSF lights are Awesome!! Thanks for coming out!”
“The team did an excellent job! Thanks to @brettdowneysafetyfoundation and all those who helped keep our riders safe”
“Best race I’ve been to for #safety . Thanks. @brettdowneysafetyfoundation”
“Thanks Jim and Ricky for the lights. They worked perfect and the flag guys loved the addition. Mammoth soon.”
“Congrats on being at Glen Helen and Day In The Dirt. Great job.”
Mike Colbert
“Ricky and the whole foundation does a great job! As an avid motocross fan and supporter I thank you for all your efforts in making our racers safe in a sport that is so dangerous in itself!”
Savannah Rae Gagne
“I wanted to add, just left Loretta’s, and man, that Ricky Rickords was a busy man. He was running all over that track, helping kids and helping medics. Great to see safety at its finest. Job well done to the whole crew.”
Rachel Witt
“It’s so awesome to see the BDSF come as far as it has.”